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What is Social Anxiety Disorder?


Investing in social enterprise

AFTER decades of inefficient spending and unsustainable initiatives, there is widespread acceptance among development groups that donor money, in itself, is not an effective catalyst for sustainable economic development. “More than aid, trade has the potential to increase the share of the world’s poorest countries and people in global prosperity,” wrote the UN in a report in 2005.

Although the vast majority of foreign money coming into Cambodia, including the nearly US$1 billion pledged by UN member states to Cambodia in development aid last year, was given in the form of grants, there is a movement under way to turn social services in Cambodia into a truly entrepreneurial venture. “Charity keeps people where they are,” explained Sebastian Marot, who co-founded Friends International in 1994 and was named the 2009 Schwab social entrepreneur of the year, speaking to the social mobility his organisation tries to facilitate among poor urban children, its main target group. “That is the opposite of what we are trying to do,” he added. Read more…

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility