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How Small & Medium Enterprises Work

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Human Resource Management for Small Business

24/07/2009 1 comment

Please see the document in Khmer

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Small Business: Tools & Templates

These handy checklists provide a step-by-step guide on the basics of starting and running your own company, from buying a business, hiring staff and managing tax, superannuation and cash flow. There are also templates for developing business and financial plans.

Commonwealth of Australia. 2009. Tools & templates. Retrieved July 7th, 2009 from

Small Business Fact Sheets

16/06/2009 3 comments

This link is to for improving your business skills and knowledge quickly, in your own time and at no cost. It is free interactive learning subjects and related fact sheets.

Are you

  • Considering a business?
  • Starting a business?
  • Running a business?

Graphic with clickable links to topic areas

Source: Queensland Government, Australia.

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