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Faith in Politics


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Ahead of Saturday’s federal election Geraldine Doogue talks to four high profile politicians at the forefront of their political parties. Featured are the Liberal Party’s Joe Hockey; The Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce; the Labor Party’s Tanya Plibersek; and, The Greens Senator Christine Milne. Where did they come from? How were their beliefs developed and how do they influence their vision for Australia? What are the values that drove them into public life and have they remained the same? This program charts ground rarely explored.

Story producer: Dina Volaric

Story researcher: Kim Akhurst, Wendy Boynton & Francoise Fombertaux

Source: ABC Compass


The moral structure of legal systems: positivism versus natural law

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Is law inherently moral or does Nazi law provide tragic proof that law has no intrinsic moral worth?

For Positivists, such as H L A Hart, the systemic integrity of a legal code says nothing about its content – the law is simply whatever is put forward by lawgivers. In contrast natural lawyers, notably Lon Fuller, insist that the way law is expressed carries moral significance for those who are subject to it.

In this film Dr Kristen Rundle, from the Department of Law, explains why the Hart- Fuller debate, begun in the Harvard Law Review in 1958, has never really gone away. Read more…

Ethics of Blame

Geoffrey Cousins on Moral Courage

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Is what’s legal always ethical, or does it sometimes take moral courage to stand up against authority? How important a quality is a strong ethical framework in a good leader? These are some of the questions considered by businessman Geoffrey Cousins in the second annual Vincent Fairfax Oration, organised by the St James Ethics Centre. Read more…

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