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Geoffrey Cousins on Moral Courage

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Is what’s legal always ethical, or does it sometimes take moral courage to stand up against authority? How important a quality is a strong ethical framework in a good leader? These are some of the questions considered by businessman Geoffrey Cousins in the second annual Vincent Fairfax Oration, organised by the St James Ethics Centre. Read more…

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Personality, Politics and our Past PMs (John Haward)

27/03/2010 1 comment

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Where exactly does K Rudd fit into the traditions set by our national leaders? In this lively session from the Perth Writers Festival, political journos and biographers Robert Macklin and Paul Kelly discuss the last generation of Lodge-livers, from blokey Hawkey and smooth-as-Zegna Keating, to wannabe common men Howard and Rudd. How important is personality and background in forming the styles and policies of our PMs? And is little Kevin really the schoolyard victim, trying to fend off attack from the playground bully, Tony Abbott?

Paul Kelly is an historian, political journalist and editor-at-large at The Australian. He spent two decades in the Canberra Press Gallery and has written several books on the political events of the 1970s and 1980s. His latest book, “The March of Patriots”, chronicles Australian federal politics from 1991-2007 when, he argues, Paul Keating and John Howard shared a nationalistic urge, even if they expressed it in vastly different ways. Read more…

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