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Basic Financial Accounting


Balance Sheet

Statement of Shareholders’ Equity

10/10/2009 2 comments

Statement of Cash Flows

(last update 10/10/2009)

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Company Accounting Textbook

14/08/2009 4 comments

(last update: 25/08/09)

Company Accounting 6th edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the numerous and profound changes as a result of Australia adopting the International Accounting Standards. The new edition succinctly documents the recent changes to accounting standards, particularly disclosures in income statements and balance sheets, accounting for income tax and revaluation and impairment of non-current assets.

The text is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and practical grounding in the practice of company accounting, under the new International Standards, whilst providing essential information on why and how company accounting entries and disclosures are made. Read more…