King of Kingdom of Cambodia
The King Father & The Queen Mother of Cambodia
Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia
National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Royal Government

Cambodia New Vision, Published By the Cabinet of the Prime Minister
1   Office of the Council of Minister
2   Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of Commerce
4   Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
5   Ministry of Economy and Finance
6    Ministry of Education Youth and Sports
7   Ministry of Environment
8   Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
9   Ministry of Health
10   Ministry of Industry Mines and Energy
11   Ministry of Information
12   Ministry of Interior
13   Ministry of Justice
14   Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
15   Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning & Construction
16   Ministry of National Defense
17   Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Inspection
18   Ministry of Planning
19   Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
20   Ministry of Public Works and Transport
21   Ministry of Religions and Cults
22   Ministry of Rural Development
23   Ministry of Social Affairs Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation
24   Ministry of Tourism
25   Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
26   Ministry of Women Affairs
27   Municipality of Phnom Penh
28   Secretariat of Public Service
29   Secretariat of Civil Aviation
30  National Bank of Cambodia
31   National Information Communications Technology Development
Authority (NiDA)
32  Council for the development of Cambodia
33   Supreme National Economic Council
34  Cambodian Red Cross
35   National Election Committee
36   Phnom Penh Municipality

(Based on links in Cambodia e-Gov and Ministry of Commerce


(Source: Cambodian AIT Students Association,

Cambodia News

Virtual Library

The WWW Virtual Library (VL)

National Library of Australia

Last update: 26/04/2009

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