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Law & Disorder: The Perfect Whistleblower

Through extraordinary first person narratives, ‘Law and Disorder’ is a blow by blow account of what happens when man takes on the machine, David challenges Goliath… when whistleblowers take on the authorities. Winner of the 2010 Logie for Most Outstanding Factual Program.

(‘The Whistleblower’s Handbook’ in full pdf download)

But ‘Law and Disorder’ is NOT just the whistleblowers’ account of their take on extraordinary events.  It’s a series that allows the audience to see a fresh perspective on stories they may recall from nightly news some months or years before – an opportunity to see the other side of the story, or to reveal new facts or outcomes.

‘Law and Disorder’ is NOT a current affairs show. It’s documentary at its best, using the full spectrum of inventive editing and storytelling techniques to present compelling yarns.

Fast paced, informative yet at times humorous, the series focuses on dogged Australians who dared to challenge ‘the system’ – a system that they thought was leaving the public vulnerable to threats such as terrorism, environmental horror and indeed the demise of the most basic democratic values.

Watch clips http://www.sbs.com.au/documentary/program/law-and-disorder

Source: SBS Australia http://www.sbs.com.au/documentary/program/law-and-disorder/about/synopsis

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