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Work Life Balance

Work life initiatives are a key attraction and retention strategy for Western Australian businesses.

This website helps employers to implement flexible work strategies to improve work life balance and increase participation of groups such as women and mature age employees in the workplace.

Flexible work strategies can assist in retaining your current workforce and attracting quality new employees. The Better Workplace Guide for Small Business [PDF, 207 KB] outlines how creating a flexible workplace can assist in meeting your business needs, including useful checklists and notes.

Find information on:

  1. work life initiatives and how and why to implement flexible work strategies
  1. small business mature age staffing solutions and related mature age employment resources to attract and retain mature age staff
  1. strategies for achieving pay equity in Western Australia and improving the gender pay gap
  2. The Better Work Life Balance Survey Tool is a questionnaire to assist employers evaluate and improve their flexible work policies.  Developed by the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General, the tool aims to measure the effectiveness of organisations flexible work policies by assessing their employees’ awareness of, and comfort in using the policies.
  3. The Conferences and Seminars page provides links to presentations and papers from previous Department of Commerce Work Life Balance events
  4. The Flexible Work Publications page has a complete list of flexible work and work life balance publications by the Department of Commerce.
  5. Work Life Balance guides and fact sheets
  6. Case studies

Source: Department of Commerce, West Australia http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/LabourRelations/Content/Work%20Life%20Balance/index.htm



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