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Organizational Behavior and Management: Textbook

John M. Ivancevich, University of Houston
Robert Konopaske, Ph. D., Florida Atlantic University
Michael T. Matteson, University of Houston
ISBN: 0073405086
Copyright year: 2008
(Student Resources: multiple choice quizzes and links)

Table of Contents

Part I : The Field of Organizational Behavior

Chapter 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior
Chapter 2: Organizational Culture

Part II: Understanding and Managing Individual Behavior

Chapter 3: Individual Differences and Work Behavior
Chapter 4: Perceptions, Attributions, and Emotions
Chapter 5: Motivation
Chapter 6: Job Design, Work, and Motivation
Chapter 7: Evaluation, Feedback, and Rewards
Chapter 8: Managing Misbehavior
Chapter 9: Managing Individual Stress

Part III: Group Behavior and Interpersonal Influence

Chapter 10: Groups and Teams
Chapter 11: Managing Conflict and Negotiations
Chapter 12: Power, Politics, and Empowerment

Part IV: Organizational Processes

Chapter 13: Communication
Chapter 14: Decision Making
Chapter 15: Leadership

Part V: Organization Design, Change, and Innovation

Chapter 16: Organizational Structure and Design
Chapter 17: Managing Change, Innovation, and Creativity

Appendix A: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques for Studying Organizational Behavior and Management Practice


Chapter Endnotes

Name Index

Company Index

Subject Index

Sources and futher readings:


Powerpoints http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_andre_ob_1/77/19901/5094860.cw/index.html


Hitt, Miller, Collela: Organizational Behavior, 2nd Edition. 2009, Wiley

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Organisational behaviour at work http://www.johnwiley.com.au/highered/ob3e/student-res/obatwork.html

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