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Microsoft Excel for Accounting

Microsoft Excel for Accounting: Managerial and Cost,1/e
Microsoft Excel for Accounting: Auditing and AIS, 1/e
Microsoft Excel for Accounting: The First Course, 1/e

The purpose of these books is to introduce accounting students to the fundamental tools and techniques available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. Using Excel, students will enjoy greater efficiency in doing accounting problems.

In addition, students will become more computer savvy with one of the most widely available and often used software products, Microsoft Excel. This knowledge will be beneficial both in college and future careers. Designed to be effective supplements for various courses in accounting, these books provide assignments pertaining to specific financial accounting and principles topics.
Example Files

The following Example Files are provided for download in .xls format. Once downloaded, Microsoft Excel is required to open and use these files.

  • gledger.xls – Includes general ledger accounts which are linked to the trial balance and income statement.
  • incstmt.xls – Basic income statement.
  • piechart.xls– Basic pie graph.
  • graph.xls – Four graph types.
  • bep.xls– Cost-volume-profit analysis (break-even point) with graph.
  • ratio.xls – Financial ratios.
  • attrib.xls– Attribute sampling, for the auditor’s evaluation of an internal control procedure.
  • variable.xls – Variables sampling, for the auditor’s evaluation of an account balance.
  • demsup.xls – Economic demand and supply analysis.
  • profit.xls – Microeconomic analysis of profit-maximizing equilibrium.
  • macro.xls – Example of a macro used to sort a range of data.

Tips for using Microsoft Excel (CPA Australia)

Search through the categories below to find a tip that will help you use Microsoft Excel:

Source: ExcelIsFun

Further References:

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    Hello, I am an Accounting student who study at Battambang Province. Ms-Excel for accounting Book , It is very interesting. I wanna to buy it but where can i buy it. I dont know where is available for this book. Could u please send me to my mail address. Thanks in advance.
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