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Cambodia Law on Securities (Stock Exchange)

(last updated 11/06/2010)

KRX, which runs South Korea’s stock market and has assisted in the development of Vietnam’s financial markets, is seeking a 51 percent share of Cambodia’s stock market. Before listing on the stock market, enterprises must improve their accounting systems and gain the confidence of citizens by making themselves more transparent.The Vision of Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC): is established under the law on The Issuance and Trading of Non-Government Securities (Preah Reach Kram No NS/RKM/ 1007/028). SECC regulates the securities industry in Cambodia to contribute to socio-economic development through capital mobilization from public/ securities investors to meet the demand of financing for investors.


The Law on Government Securities

Law_on_Gov Law_on_Gov’t_Securities_Royal_kram_English.pdf (102,520 Bytes)
Law_on_Gov Law_on_Gov’t_Securities_Royal_Kram_Khmer.pdf (1.59 MBytes)

Law on the issuance and trading of non-government securities

Law_on_Non-Gov Law_on_Non-Gov’t_Securities_Royal_Kram_Khmer.pdf (4.68 MBytes)
Law_on_Non-Gov Law_on_Non-Gov’t_Securities_Royal_Kram_English.pdf (81,996 Bytes)

The Conduct & Organization of SECC

SECC_offcial_and_original_khmer.pdf (3.9 MBytes) SECC_offcial_and_original_khmer.pdf (3.9 MBytes)

Securities and Exchange Commissions of other Countries

Securities and Exchange Commission of Vietnam
Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand
Securities and Exchange Commission of Malaysia
Securities and Exchange Commission of Indonesia
Securities and Exchange Commission of Phillipine
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Financial Service Commission of South Koea
Financial Authority of Japan
Securities and Exchange Commission of USA
Financial Service Authority of U.K
Comité de Bourse, France

Sources & Links

Securities & Exchange Commision of Cambodia. 2009. Laws. Retrieved  July 22th, 2009 from http://secc.gov.kh/khmer/

Stock Exchange Cambodia www.stockexchangecambodia.com

Interesting in Cambodia http://www.investincambodia.com/banking.htm
Cambodia Stock Exchange (business news)
Capital Market Institute of Cambodia (CMIC) http://cmicambodia.org/
Non-Governmental Organization, focuses on education, training, dissemination, consultation, research services on specialization of financial markets.
Cambodia Capital Pty Ltd – Private Health Investmentshttp://www.CambodiaCapital.Com
Marady Somreth Neang Business: Mara & Partners Investors Group LTD
Australian Securities Exchange http://www.asx.com.au/
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