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Entrepreneurship and Small Business

The second edition of this popular text has been thoroughly updated to reflect contemporary developments in small business and entrepreneurship and its applications to Australasian organisations. Entrepreneurship and small business management are two very close and often overlapping disciplines. If entrepreneurship specifically refers to the dynamic process of creating a new business venture, small business management generally addresses various issues in organising and operating a small business. 

In practice however, a large part of the textbooks contents from both disciplines tend to cover similar issues such as small business start-up (starting from scratch, buying an existing business or operating a franchise), developing a business plan, selecting a legal form of organisation, marketing research and organising and financing the new venture.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Nature of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.1. Entrepreneurship: Definition and evolution.

2. The personality of entrepreneurs.

3. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. The nature of small business.

Part 2: Getting into business.

5. Options for going into business.

6. Analysing opportunities and developing a strategy.

7. Preparing a business plan.

Appendix: Sample Business Plan.

8. Legal Issues.

9. Financing new and growing business ventures.

10. Accessing business advice and assistance.

Part 3: Managing key functions.

11. Marketing.

12. Operations management.

13. Human resource issues in new and small firms.

14. Financial information and management.

Part 4: Selected topics.

15. Managing growth and transition.

16. Corporate entrepreneurship.

17. Contemporary issues in small business and entrepreneurship.

Source: Wiley Australia. http://au.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470810823,descCd-description.html

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