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Australian Taxation Index

Some links in this post are less relevant for students in Cambodia, but the concepts, particularly in accounting, taxation, banking and finance are pretty useful.

Keeping up-to-date

Australian Taxation Office
Taxation Institute of Australia – Daily Tax News
Australasian Legal Information Institute
Attorney’s General Department
Other tax updates
Business magazines
Review of Business Taxation

Australian Tax Texts

Australian Tax 2008 Lexis Nexis
Australian Taxation Law 2008 CCH
Concise Income Tax (4th ed)
Income Taxation: Commentary & Materials (5th ed)
Understanding company law

Legal materials

Case law
High Court Transcripts and Bulletins
Australian Taxation Office Rulings
ATO Case Judgements
Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches
Hansard, House of Representatives and Senate Joint Committee transcripts
Bills Digest
Proposed Amendments – House of Representatives and Senate

Tax search engines

Australian Taxation Office
Australian Legal Information Institute
Taxation Institute of Australia
Attorney’s General Department
Parliament of Australia
University Law Libraries
ATP Online
CCH Tax Library


Australasian Tax Teachers Association
Australian Taxation Office
State Taxation Offices
Taxation Institute of Australia
Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
Institute of Chartered Accountants
National Tax and Accountants Association Limited
Taxpayers Association
Community Tax Help
Australian Customs Service
Political Parties
National Institute of Accountants
Tax Agents Board
Board of Taxation
Association of Superannuation Funds


Legal Dictionary
Tax discussion forums
Taxation Publishers and Journals
Tax Reform and Policy
Studying Tax
Australasian Tax Teachers Association Conference Papers

Forms, publications and calculations

Business Entry Point
ATO Publications and Forms
Tax Rates
CGT Indexation Factors
Tax Software


Superannuation Complaints
Australian Government Superannuation
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Simpler Super
Find my Super
Choice of Super
Super Choices


Tax Links
Chris Wallis’s Tax Matrix Links
Banking and Finance
Corporations and Investments Law
About OZ TAX

Investments- Organisations

Banking and Finance – Organisations

Banking and Finance – Banks

Source: Flinders University, Adelaide,  Australia, http://www.flinders.edu.au/socsci/index.cfm?53DB202D-F8CA-A89A-DF85-7E6840121B74

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